Reflecting On An Incredible Year


A Year in Review: 2021

SIMETRY has grown tremendously over the last year, making waves in the IoT industry in 2021. Despite the pandemic and the massive affects on businesses across the country, our team navigated the challenges to successfully provide for our customers.

See our 2021 highlights below.

We appreciate our customers and look forward to forging more relationships in 2022. SIMETRY couldn’t have accomplished any of this without you!

SIMETRY Website Relaunch

Your feedback is hugely important to us. Our team Re-focused website’s direction to better suit our client’s needs and give our team the opportunity to connect with inquiries sooner and more efficiently. Have additional feedback for our team? Get in touch with us here so we can hear your thoughts. 

SIMETRY Online Store Launch

Our IoT data customers frequently asked for hardware, so in 2021 we created an integrated storefront platform within the SIMETRY site to better serve our customers. Our team is available for Live support via chat, making transactions simple and straightforward.

Connecting Classrooms Across the Country

K-12 schools and collegiate campuses across the country pivoted to remote, socially distanced learning when COVID19 hit. SIMETRY stepped up to provide Tier 1 IoT data and IoT hardware to schools across the country, making remote learning possible with reliable Internet connectivity.

Hurricane Disaster Response Efforts

Hurricane Ida greatly impacted many regions near the Gulf of Mexico. We were happy to step in to provide IoT hardware solutions in New Orleans, Louisiana, to provide mission-critical connectivity across the city in the wake of the storm when it was needed most.

Energy Tech Night 2021: Winner Winner

The SIMETRY team presented for Digital Wildcatter’s 2021 Energy in Tech night in Houston, Texas. Our Director, Cash Blackburn, took home the champ’s belt at the end of the night – voted in by the audience. To be recognized as a wavemaker in the Tech industry by our peers was an extraordinary moment.

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