IoT Data Plans That Scale with Your Business

The Best Cellular IoT Data Rates for Your Business

SIMETRY’s IoT data plans scale with your business, encouraging growth. Get transparent IoT data rates, support and services. As a leading cellular IoT data provider, we make IoT simple.


Unify your total IoT Data Usage

Tier-1 Cellular Data Connectivity Services

How much do you pay per GB for Cellular Data?

If you have trouble answering because you have to factor multiple cellular carrier rates… or if you pay too much… SIMETRY can help.

Get transparent cellular data rates based on your total usage across all carriers. See how you can thrive with IoT data and services from SIMETRY.

IoT Data Plans for the carrier of your choice

Reliable Connectivity from Major IoT Data Carriers + personalized service and support


All carriers + services with one provider

Get one bill that factors in total usage for a better rate.


+ Additional Tier-1 Carriers

SIMETRY offers transparent cellular data rates for popular cellular carriers.

If your business uses multiple carriers, SIMETRY combines your total data usage into one convenient bill.

Better Rates + Responsive Support

Learn more about our reliable single-carrier connectivity – superior rates and additional services.

Unified Platform + Simplified Billing

SIMETRY makes multi-carrier data as simple as working with one centralized provider.


Touchless SIM Activation

Transferring your existing IoT SIMs to SIMETRY is easy

Easily connect your cellular IoT devices remotely.

SIMETRY can transfer SIMs already in-use to our platform, without having to physically swap every existing SIM card in the field.

If you need additional SIM cards, we have you covered regardless of carrier. Ruggedized, CATM-1, Multi-Carrier SIMs, we have them… whatever you need to grow your business.

We Save our customers time and Money

“The team at SIMETRY have single handedly crushed our data costs! We were previously paying for approx. 1 TB of cellular data monthly even in months when we used less than a third of it. In month where we exceeded 1 TB, we were paying 3X SIMETRY’s rate! The result of our partnership with SIMETRY is that we pay a fair rate for exactly the data that we use each month. Our estimated annual savings will easily exceed $25,000. Billing is transparent and accurate as well. We couldn’t be more pleased!”
Chip D.

IoT Data Plans for Any Size Business

The Right Data Plan for Your Business

Utility Plans

Pay per usage


Great for smaller IoT deployments. Pay for your cellular data usage, totaled from all of your devices across all carriers you use.

Pooled Plans

Example: 4GB Usage Limit


Ideal for applications where each of your devices use the same amount of data. Need to add more lines? Simple, your devices will be added to the pool.

Shared Plans

Example: 200GB Total Usage


Typically the best plan for large fleets of IoT devices. Your total usage is split between your devices. This plan is great if you use large amounts of data.

Save with a custom IoT data plan


A dedicated account manager will contact you as soon as possible.

Estimated time to complete: under 1 minute.

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