Meet the Dream Team

Our team comes from a variety of connectivity and communications backgrounds to form a cohesive, efficient group. Our customers benefit from a team that actually cares about their success and growth, making their IoT deployments simple.

SIMETRY Leadership

Cash Blackburn SIMETRY

Cash Blackburn

General Manager
Millie Bratcher SIMETRY

Millie Bratcher

Director of Operations

Robert Dilger SIMETRY

Robert Dilger

Director of Engineering
John Sykes SIMETRY

John Sykes

Sales Manager
Naveed Virani SIMETRY

Naveed Virani

Support Manager
Juan Rivera SIMETRY

Juan Rivera

Product Line Specialist

The origins of


SIMETRY began as a challenge. This challenge spurred SIMETRY to become a turnkey solution for cellular connectivity – data, management, service, and support.

Our goal? To empower wireless data consumers and encourage business growth through scalable services, transparent pricing, and support.

Simplify your entire IoT experience

SIMETRY provides streamlined data plans, managed services, and carrier choice flexibility.

As your IoT business partner, we promise to meet the demands and challenges of tomorrow, while reducing the financial impact that wireless data has on your operating expenses today.

Contact us to see how we can help you today.

See Cash Blackburn, GM of SIMETRY, on the Digital Wildcatters podcast for a casual conversation about the origins of SIMETRY, our current offerings, and what the future of connectivity looks like.

Contact us to find out how SIMETRY can simplify your cellular data management

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