M2M SIM cards and M2M Data Solutions

Complete M2M Connectivity Solutions

Connect your devices with M2M SIM cards and M2M data plans from major carriers with exceptional customer support.

SIMETRY is the M2M extension your organization needs.

One Provider
for all carriers

Using SIMETRY as your complete M2M vendor helps you deploy faster, control cost, and save time with M2M data services from a single contact and bill.

Get tier-1 business data from the major carriers along with complete M2M data services from SIMETRY. Combine data, SIM management, cyber security, network troubleshooting, even new hardware purchases for a total M2M connectivity solution.

M2M SIM Cards
For all Carriers


We have the M2M SIM cards and data plan to support your application. Use the SIMs and carriers that fit your needs.

Grow your M2M fleet with SIMETRY

The SIMETRY Advantage

Business Data

Get reliable, optimized wireless connectivity from the major carriers – free of throttling

24/7 Support

Support your organization with a dedicated, reliable M2M connectivity support team

Unified SIM Management

Control M2M SIM usage and cost remotely across all carriers on a unified platform

Exceptional M2M Support

Get major carrier connectivity with exceptional customer service

Surveillance & Monitoring M2M application using SIMETRY

M2M Support & engineering

SIMETRY knows M2M connectivity. Our customers benefit from a team that understands the needs and complexities of M2M.

Custom Solutions for M2M

M2M connectivity requires solutions that require support beyond typical cellular applications, its our specialty.

agricultural setup with nb-iot solutions

Expedite M2M Deployments

Reduce your lead times by consolidating data, SIM management, hardware and support down to one provider.

Your M2M Connectivity Solutions Partner

Simplify M2M Connectivity with SIMETRY

As your trusted partner, we provide a comprehensive suite of M2M services, including M2M SIM cards, cost-effective M2M data plans from the major cellular carriers, unified SIM management, and cyber security for secure, optimized connectivity under one roof.

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Pricing and plans are customized for your application — tell us what you need and a dedicated account manager will connect with you.

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