Cellular Cyber Security - Private APN


Secure your wireless connections, from remote cellular device to database, with a Private APN from SIMETRY.

What is Private APN?

A brief explanation

Private APNs (Access Point Name) offer a secure point of entry onto an IP network for a cellular device. While traditional network setups offer a Public APN which is shared with users from inside and outside your organization, a Private APN offers a private dedicated access point to an isolated network for your organization.

Public APN Network

In a traditional network setup, data flows from device through the carrier’s public network to an organization’s network.


Private APN Network

Using SIMETRY’s Private APN, your devices access the carrier networks through private IPsec tunnels, creating a secure and reliable private network for your data.


Private APN vs IPsec

Already have IoT security using IPsec protocol? Check out our article on how using a Private APN saves you data cost, IT resources and time. You will want to consider using a private network to protect your IoT devices and data.

Benefits of a private APN
with IoT mobile cellular devices:

Use any device with a SIM

Combine your total cellular data usage from all carriers into one IoT data plan.

Get a transparent data plan that reflects your total cellular data usage across all carriers.

End-to-end Encryption

Get tier-1 data from major carriers and superior support from SIMETRY.

Remove support wait-time and throttling from the equation with business-level data.

Control data use & costs

Track and control your fleet of IoT devices from one unified platform.

Set usage limits, detect anomalies, and see data usage across carriers in one place.

Control your network with a private APN

More than Security

Go beyond cyber security and fully analyze and control your network with a complete Private APN toolkit from SIMETRY.

Secure your Network

Analyze your Data Usage

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Control Data Usage

Get a Quote for Private APN Services

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Further Secure Your IoT


Create the secure network that your operation deserves. With SIMETRY’s flexible scalability, gain back the control that works for your business.


Enterprise mobility transformation through secure, patented, cloud services.

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Allows customers to reduce data usage and costs by providing website filtering and throttling.

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Drastically improve IoT device and cellular data management with our unified SIM management platform.

Track data usage from sensors, routers, and anything connected to your cellular IoT network.

Simply log in to your dashboard and get real-time updates on your SIM fleet’s data usage, limits, spend and more.


Manage your IoT data usage from a single platform

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