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Set your business up for success with fast, reliable wireless internet from SIMETRY. Our hardware and data packages offer significant savings in setup time and cost compared to traditional wired connections.

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1. Select Package

Choose the package that works for your business and contact sales to confirm your needs.

2. Receive Hardware

We provision the SIMs and ship the hardware package you need to get online​.

3. Connect to Wi-Fi

Installation consists of booting the device and connecting to Wi-Fi.


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Fixed wireless grew by

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About Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless connectivity provides reliable high-speed internet for businesses via radio wave, without the need for cabling or terrestrial lines.

Benefits to fixed wireless internet include:

Traditionally, fixed wireless served businesses in remote or hard-to-reach locations where high-speed cabled internet was unavailable.
In recent years, with 5G, wireless connectivity has made significant advancements, bridging the gap in high-speed internet access previously dominated by cable connections.
With a fixed wireless connection, businesses can easily communicate with customers, suppliers, and employees, making it easier to stay connected and be productive.

Ensure your business stays connected

Why use SIMETRY for Fixed Wireless


Tier-1 Data

Business-Class Hardware

Fast Upload & Download Speeds

24/7 US-Based Support

Full Suite of Cyber Security

Featured Benefits

Select a Fixed wireless plan that makes sense for your business

Fixed wireless Hardware + Data Packages



Fixed Wireless

Unlimited Data

Recommended devices
1 to 60

$99.99 / mo.

36 month term

$114.99 / mo.

24 month term

$134.99 / mo.

12 month term



Fixed Wireless

Unlimited Data

Recommended devices
1 to 150

$279.99 / mo.

36 month term

$314.99 / mo.

24 month term

$419.99 / mo.

12 month term



Fixed Wireless

Unlimited Data

Recommended devices
5 to 500

$819.99 / mo.

36 month term

$919.99 / mo.

24 month term

$1,249.99 / mo.

12 month term


Cyber Security

Cellular APN and more

Ask how our cyber security features can protect your business from disruption!


Bring Your Own Device

Have your own modem/router? Contact our sales team for a custom fixed wireless plan.

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Our team of experts will review your needs and ensure you get the best package for your business needs.

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Just like all of our hardware sales, you have 30 days to return the equipment and just pay a 20% restocking fee plus shipping and handling.

Yes! you are free to keep the hardware after the completion of your term.

Contact sales, we have data packages to fit your needs.

More Details on Fixed Wireless

What's included in SIMETRY's Fixed Wireless Packages?

Our fixed wireless Internet solutions are self-contained. We provide the hardware, data, and support you need to keep your business running.

Cyber Security & Protection

Private APN secures your network by creating a closed loop separate from the rest of the Internet and safe from malware and other malicious actors.

Control your data with Content Filtering – select what types of content are allowed on your network.

Optimize your network with website filtering and throttling using SIMETRY’s Secure Bandwidth Manager service.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless as a failover solution

If you have reliable cabled internet, fixed wireless is a great failover solution for businesses that need to ensure reliable internet connectivity.

It offers quick and reliable backup in case of a primary connection failure and is relatively fast and easy to deploy.

This ensures that critical operations and services remain online during disruptions to the primary connection.

Explore SIMETRY's Cellular Failover Packages

Our cellular failover (backup internet) solutions offer the same reliable connectivity as our fixed wireless solutions.

Get more details on our Fixed Wireless Packages.

Get Your Business Online in 24 Hours

Packages include industrial-grade routers and unlimited tier-1 data

Connectivity in Four Easy Steps:

Unlimited Tier-1 Data


With Business-Class Hardware

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