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We deliver turnkey NB-IoT solutions tailored to the unique needs of  your business.

As your trusted partner, we provide a comprehensive suite of Narrowband IoT services, including NB-IoT SIM cards, cost-effective data plans from the major cellular carriers, cyber security and content filtering for secure, optimized data usage under one roof.

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NB-IoT data plans and SIMs

Get the best NB-IoT data plans with SIMETRY, your premier NB-IoT data provider. We offer NB-IoT SIM cards, cost-effective data plans, and reliable business connectivity with one provider.

The ideal NB-IoT Partner

SIMETRY’s NB-IoT customers range from large scale SCADA deployments to localized environmental monitoring applications. We proudly serve NB-IoT applications within industries ranging from agriculture, manufacturing and industrial, IT services, government, healthcare, and energy.

industrial monitoring operator empowered by nb-iot solutions
agricultural setup with nb-iot solutions

Alleviate NB-IoT Burdens

We understand the pain points of Narrowband IoT and meet them head-on. Think of SIMETRY as the IoT extension of your organization.

SIMETRY's Unique NB-IoT Solutions

How SIMETRY Helps our Customers

Unified Vendor Management

SIMplify NB-IoT Management

SIMETRY consolidates NB-IoT SIM cards and data plans from major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile), cybersecurity, hardware, under one roof. Experience seamless vendor management and unparalleled convenience with one NB-IoT partner.


Tier-1 Business Connectivity

Guarantee Connectivity

SIMETRY provides Tier-1 business connectivity from the major cellular carriers. That means your data usage is prioritized over general data traffic, ensuring that your devices stay connected at reliable business-level speeds.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Control Spending

We understand the importance of cost efficiency in NB-IoT. SIMETRY’s solutions are designed to maximize value, with custom data plans, data usage monitoring, and safeguards that ensure usage is limited to essential data.


Comprehensive Security

Create a Private Network

Send your data through a secure private network with Private APN. Content filtering and application throttling ensure data usage is limited to essential connectivity, keeping your network secure while saving data spend.

24/7 In-House Support

Bolster Your NB-IoT Resources

Our dedicated support team is goes above and beyond traditional carrier support, from hardware provisioning, 15-minute SIM activations, and troubleshooting. We ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

IoT hardware solutions

Encourage Growth

Simplify your procurement process by purchasing IoT modems, antennas, cables, and other hardware from one unified provider—SIMETRY. Get name brand modems like Sierra Wireless, Peplink, and Cisco provisioned from one shop.

Exceptional Customer Service

“SIMETRY has helped our business manage thousands of device subscriptions. They understand the IoT world and don’t treat us like a cell phone customer. SIMETRY has competitive pricing and excellent personalized service, I would recommend them to any business looking to improve device subscription management performance.”
Todd T.

Simple IoT Management

Drastically improve IoT device and cellular data management with our unified SIM management platform.

Track data usage from sensors, routers, and anything connected to your cellular IoT network.

Simply log in to your dashboard and get real-time updates on your SIM fleet’s data usage, limits, spend and more.


Manage your IoT data usage from a single platform

simple to use, simple to manage

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