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Simetry has been a “Mission Critical” partner for the SoCal Motorized Bicycle Racing Association in our deployment of High Definition Event Livestreaming, On-Site Pop-Up WiFi for event attendee’s and a robust Data Network for an RFID Lap Timing System.

All of this is supported by a 4g LTE backhaul connection powered by Simetry IoT SIM Cards.

Standard “consumer” SIM cards were not fufilling our needs, especially in remote locations across the California Desert.

We tried a competitor to Simetry, and while their product offering was amazing (when it worked); the customer service left us seeking other options.

Finding Simetry has been a MASSIVE “Win”.

I can honestly say that Simetry has provided me and my team with the best customer service I have ever experienced. My Account Rep. Victoria Ortega has never failed to deliver on a commitment. She has gone above and beyond what I ever expected in multiple instances.

I have come to Simetry with problems I should have already solved and they have “come to the rescue” with a supportive attitude and a problem solving mindset.

On top of the standard setting Customer Service performance delivered by Simetry, the quality of the connection we have achieved using Simetry IoT SIM cards is literally an order of magnitude better than standard consumer SIM cards from the same carriers.

We were LUCKY to achieve 3-4 Mbps upload speeds using the 3 major carriers standard “data” SIM cards.

We can now easily achieve a rock solid 28-30 Mbps upload speed using a single Simetry IoT SIM card.

Simetry makes HD Livestreaming EASY.

The power of Simetry SIM cards also gives our event a legitimate path to 4k Livestreaming using multiple bonded connections with a shockingly small number of additional SIM cards.

Competitor systems have provisions for 8-16 SIM card connections simultaniously bonded to achieve the throughput required for 4k Livestreaming.

Our testing shows we will be able to reliably achieve 4k Livestreaming with plenty of over-head to ensure rock solid stream quality with as few as 4x Simetry IoT SIM cards.

Simetry = the best kept secret in 4G/5G Livestreaming

I worked with Kirk. Really great guy. He knows this cellular modems. Working w Sierra wireless direct is impossible and the tech supports don’t know the products as well as Kirk. They preconfigured the modems for $50 and worth every penny. If you don’t know what you are doing it will be days of learning or relearning if you forgot. I also go the cellular plan. It was only $40/month for my application and I’m moving a lot data. As a business owner it’s hard to find a sales person that it competent and eager to support you. Kirk is really good.
Kirk and the Simetry team have been awesome and are always there for me. Their support has been crucial to growing the AnywhereCam product!

These guys have been great to work with. They quickly found a solution to our problem and helped us implement the entire process, including connecting to and accessing our equipment. There was a problem with the initial connection and they went above and beyond to resolve the issue in the first 24 hours. We look forward to continuing working with Simetry!


Courtenay and the team go above and beyond in every way. Currently working with the SIMETRY team to get an ongoing new customer packet for products. We have previously worked with larger communication companies that left us with lack of answered questions and sometimes no response at all. SIMETRY does not just have an amazing product that can be white-labeled but also they are a true communications company in the way that their customer service and communication rivals any competitor or large brand company in their field. They have also given us access to their tech team to make sure their services and our product truly integrate with each other for optimal performance. Thank you SIMETRY for making our jobs easier and more efficient and working with us to make sure that we are offering the best products.


The SIMETRY team is amazing! LTE in remote locations is a critical part of our infrastructure, and they delivered. Kirk stayed on the phone with us for hours late one Friday night. Once he educated us on how to fix these issues, he also arranged for STARCOMM to drop by and help us optimize our local network for cellular connection.


Data connectivity and internet access are vital to our personnel, infrastructure, and operations. SIMETRY’s failover wireless system provides peace of mind when the loss of critical infrastructure is not an option. From the discovery call to roll out and install, the team at SIMETRY was an incredible resource in helping build our business continuity plan.

Rob N.
Shell, Upstream Americas


The Customer Support has gone above and beyond for all of our needs and troubleshooting. Activations take no more than 15 mins, compared to the 6 hours of KORE Wireless. They also don’t require IMEIs – meaning we can switch our SIMs around whenever we need to.

Jackson H.
Mixon Hill
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Great service and great team. Victoria is the absolute best. She is always quick to take care of whatever we need, and when there’s a problem, she gets it fixed.


I love SIMETRY’s service. We can use sim cards from all the major carriers and the low cost and flexible pricing has saved my company thousands of dollars year as compared to traditionally data plans. Plus I love being able to manage all my devices from one platform. Keep up the awesome work!


We needed a reliable service to get my Digital Signage screens access to the internet in the middle of a field. Simetry helped me get the unit that was right for me (Pepwave!), and walked me through every step of the process. They even helped me troubleshoot when the devices arrived and I was having issues. Easy 5 stars, I will be using them for future projects! Brett Schmuckler Vice President of Technical Services Chrome Signage


Simetry makes it super easy for me to manage my Iot data, that’s for sure. I work in the stills photography industry, as a digital technician, running the computers, cameras and capture programs during photoshoots. With travel restrictions over these past two years, many clients weren’t able to come on set, and we would have to livestream the computer screen using Zoom. We were on a rooftop in Manhattan, photographing one of the biggest models in the world for a perfume ad, but the clients were in Spain and California. Usings Pepwave Max Transit Duo with IoT cards from Simetry, we were able to broadcast the images in 4K quality in real time, keeping the clients happy and making my day a lot easier.

Charley P.
Nova Capture
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We were spending well over $1,000 a month with AT&T, not to mention Verizon to keep our sites connected. I happened upon Simetry one day doing a Google search for alternative providers. I filled out a quick contact form online, and within a few minutes got a call from Kirk. Man, this guy has helped us tremendously. We will be saving a ton on data once our modems are all reconfigured. We were so used to using an outsourced AT&T rep, and waiting days, up a week or longer for a static IP and SIM activation. Not here. The Simetry guys have their stuff together. Fast activations, super fast delivery, and no issues with getting static IP’s at all. Kirk has been there for us after hours and weekends. Never had customer service like that from anybody like that.

James B.
Sierra Two-Way Communications LLC
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Kirk and the team at SIMETRY have single handedly crushed our data costs! We were previously paying for approx. 1 TB of cellular data monthly even in months when we used less than a third of it. In month where we exceeded 1 TB, we were paying 3X SIMETRY’s rate! The result of our partnership with SIMETRY is that we pay a fair rate for exactly the data that we use each month. Our estimated annual savings will easily exceed $25,000. Billing is transparent and accurate as well. We couldn’t be more pleased!


Simetry has helped our business manage thousands of device subscriptions. They understand the IoT world and don’t treat us like a cell phone customer. Simetry has competitive pricing and excellent personalized service, I would recommend them to any business looking to improve device subscription management performance.


Simetry has been a great partner. Super fast delivery and response. Highly recommended for any companies looking for a wireless data solution.


I am new to cellular connectivity, but Victoria and Simetry made the process very easy.  All my questions were answered quickly and the solution provided works great.  Our company has solar systems deployed throughout rural Iowa in locations with no internet connection.  With a cellular router and a 50MB pooled data plan through Simetry, our equipment can communicate from anywhere.  I was surprised at how affordable the data plan is and I will definitely be recommending and using Simetry in the future.

Tyler B.
CB Solar


We use Simetry as a laptop hotspot to adjust air conditioning units for a large school district in central Texas. When I first arrived at this location I was under the impression that, as our account was linked to a former employee, that we no longer needed Simetry so I cancelled it. Within a day I was informed by my maintenance technicians that they could not use the laptop! Oh, no! I called Simetry back and reinstated our account. The person I spoke with was great! They got us back up and running in no time! Thanks Simetry for all you did to assist me while I was learning a new job!


I would highly recommend SIMETRY to anyone looking for a wireless data solution! We use their private APN filtering to restrict access to only needed domains, therefore avoiding any unnecessary data usage for our customers. The support team and my rep at SIMETRY are awesome, responding to any requests 24/7 usually within a few minutes. Thanks for the amazing connectivity solutions and support!

Timon Y.
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We have been using SIMETRY for a year. They provided a solution we could manage with tools to allow for Geo-fencing and console control of the ssid’s. including duel sims for better coverage of our area. So far we are happy.

Glenn F.
Bastrop ISD


Simetry, You have been the solution to the major Communication, Data flexibility, and reliability problems we were facing. Here at Laramie County Fire District 10 we were facing a large problem. A hurdle with our new CAD system, trying to keep a reliable data link to it at the same time being able to afford it. A brief chat with Kirk and he had a solution for us to try. He sent out a set of SIM cards we put them in our equipment and problem was over. We have been able to maintain data connectivity to receive the critical updates we need to receive en route to calls to help make a difference as well as being able to share those same critical updates from the first arriving units back to the rest of the in bound units. In emergency services that is absolutely critical. Our system has been far more reliable since the change than any other operating on the exact same scene and at a far more reasonable cost. As well as having to support to know if there is an issue Simetry and the team will have our back to get us back up and running without delay. Thank you for being our Solution, Ty Presgrove Captain Of Engineering LCFD 10


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