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We were spending well over $1,000 a month with AT&T, not to mention Verizon to keep our sites connected. I happened upon Simetry one day doing a Google search for alternative providers. I filled out a quick contact form online, and within a few minutes got a call from Kirk. Man, this guy has helped us tremendously. We will be saving a ton on data once our modems are all reconfigured. We were so used to using an outsourced AT&T rep, and waiting days, up a week or longer for a static IP and SIM activation. Not here. The Simetry guys have their stuff together. Fast activations, super fast delivery, and no issues with getting static IP’s at all. Kirk has been there for us after hours and weekends. Never had customer service like that from anybody like that.

James B.


Simetry has been a great partner. Super fast delivery and response. Highly recommended for any companies looking for a wireless data solution.

Sean Z.


We have been using SIMETRY for a year. They provided a solution we could manage with tools to allow for Geo-fencing and console control of the ssid’s. including duel sims for better coverage of our area. So far we are happy.

Glenn F.


I am new to cellular connectivity, but Victoria and Simetry made the process very easy.  All my questions were answered quickly and the solution provided works great.  Our company has solar systems deployed throughout rural Iowa in locations with no internet connection.  With a cellular router and a 50MB pooled data plan through Simetry, our equipment can communicate from anywhere.  I was surprised at how affordable the data plan is and I will definitely be recommending and using Simetry in the future.

Tyler B.


Simetry has helped our business manage thousands of device subscriptions. They understand the IoT world and don’t treat us like a cell phone customer. Simetry has competitive pricing and excellent personalized service, I would recommend them to any business looking to improve device subscription management performance.

Todd T.




I would highly recommend SIMETRY to anyone looking for a wireless data solution! We use their private APN filtering to restrict access to only needed domains, therefore avoiding any unnecessary data usage for our customers. The support team and my rep at SIMETRY are awesome, responding to any requests 24/7 usually within a few minutes. Thanks for the amazing connectivity solutions and support!

Timon Y.

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