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Similar to the SIM card your phone uses, IoT SIM cards connect devices to a cellular network. The difference? IoT SIM cards are designed for more robust usage including extreme data demands and harsh environmental factors.

We dive into IoT SIM Cards below.


What makes IoT SIM cards different?

IoT SIM Card usage

Cellular network carriers distinguish IoT data usage from other cellular usage with SIM cards designed specifically for IoT and M2M use.

See this list of examples of how IoT SIM usage differs from traditional cellular SIM cards:

IoT SIM Card Sizes

IoT SIMs come in different sizes that fit different applications and devices. eSIMs are typically installed directly to the motherboard of a device and allow for easy remote access and carrier-switching.

Many carriers offer tri-punch cards with 2FF, 3FF, and 4FF cutouts for deployment flexibility.

Standard 2FF

Micro 3FF

Nano 4FF


IoT SIM Cards by Carrier

The major cellular networks have their own IoT SIM cards used to access their network.

With multi-carrier SIMs, like SIMETRY’s multi-carrier SIM cards, you can access multiple carrier networks with one IoT SIM card.


Verizon IoT SIM




Multi-carrier IoT SIMs

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IoT SIM Card varieties designed for specific uses

types of IoT SIM Cards

IoT SIM Cards (M2M SIM Cards)

Also known as M2M SIM cards, IoT SIM cards are the keys that unlock cellular connectivity to a variety of devices.

IoT SIM cards come in 3 sizes – 2FF (standard), 3FF (micro), 4FF (nano) – plus triple punch cards that allow you to choose between sizes. IoT devices determine the SIM size, so it is important to confirm the required size before ordering SIM cards.

Carrier-specific SIMs connect to one carrier only. For example, a Verizon IoT SIM will provide connectivity from nearby Verizon cell towers.

How do SIMs Work?


The SIM operates as the sender/receiver from an IoT device to nearby cell towers. Carrier-specific SIMs connect to one carrier only.

CAT-M1 IoT SIM Cards (LTE-M)

Cat-M1, also known as LTE-M and Cat-M, is cellular connectivity designed specifically for for low-power, wide area (LPWAN) IoT devices.

Cat-M1 SIMs are designed for devices that transfer small amounts of data and pull very little power at a low bandwidth.

Cat-M1 SIMs and data are a steady, reliable solution for LPWAN. Narrowband (NB-IoT) and LoRaWAN are both LPWAN solutions that use Cat-M1 SIM Cards.

Because of the smaller frequency bands, a single cell site can support more devices. So, you can have more devices connected in one area.

When Does Cat M1 Make Sense?


This illustration shows a valid use case for CAT-M1; a remote crop monitoring operation where multiple sensors spread out across a wide area are are transferring low amounts of data over the network.

Ruggedized IoT SIM Cards (Industrial IoT SIMs)

Ruggedized IoT SIMs are designed to meet the tough requirements of industrial applications.

Many IoT devices operate outside where extreme temperatures, humidity, corrosion, and vibration reduces lifespan. Ruggedized IoT SIMs are ideal for these devices.

Lifespan is 15 years, compared to a standard IoT SIM’s 10 years. Temperature limitations range from -40°C to 105°C, compared to standard IoT SIMs -25°C to +85°C.

Industrial IoT SIMs ensure your mission-critical IoT devices maintain connectivity.

What does "ruggedized" mean for IoT SIMs?

Ruggedized IoT SIMs have a longer life before replacement, and operate in harsh conditions including extreme temperatures and vibration.

Mult-Carrier Sims (Smart SIM)

Multi-carrier SIMs (Smart SIMs) are designed to connect with a variety of carriers. Smart SIMs are ideal for mobile connectivity solutions because they can switch between carriers and prioritize the best connection.

Multi-carrier IoT SIMs also allow for inter-state and international coverage. With multi-carrier IoT SIMs, you don’t have to physically swap SIM cards out to get coverage on another network.

IoT platforms allow for simple device management across multiple carriers. SIMETRY’s multi-carrier platform allows users the ability to track usage across multiple carriers and add carriers when needed.

Multi-carrier SIMs for Mobile IoT Solutions


Multi-carrier IoT SIMs provide reliable connectivity for mobile asset tracking.


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