Our Multi-Carrier Services, based on our unique sim technology, aim to deliver near 100% connectivity out-of-the-box while maintaining the flexibility of connecting through a variety of carriers in which you choose. Once deployed our SIMPLIFY platform allows constant monitoring of data consumption and spend. Contact us to be connected with an IoT SIM specialist today.


Our sim technology is pre-configured to operate with emerging technologies, such as 5G, to ensure your IoT implementation is future-proofed. You have the power to manage your devices from one single centralized management platform that you can log into from anywhere in the world. Allow SIMETRY to help simplify your IoT data plan today.

Achieve over 99.8% device connectivity uptime across more than 190 countries.

Automatic over-the-air (OTA) connection and setup of the device with no on-site configuration.

One global point of contact for service, support and billing for all IoT device connectivity; no need for multiple MNO contracts and associated support agreements.

The multi-IMSI sim can be configured with multiple IMSI bootstraps to allow complete autonomy to switch networks and provide uninterrupted cellular connectivity.

Support for 5G, as well as LTE networks, which will benefit applications using all 4G networks including Cat-M1 Devices.

Multiple out-of-box integration options with cloud providers and device manufacturers.


Full suite of security features, including IMEI locking and bespoke firewall

Multiple bootstrap IMSIs to enable autonomous network switching

Flexible integration - embedded or standard card form-factors

Real-time billing alerts and cost management

Provides real-time sim location based services

Multiple ‘over the air’ reprogrammable IMSIs

VPNs, Fixed IPs and NAT offered

Access to the cloud-based sim Management Portal (SIAM)