What is a VPN and do I need one?

What is a VPN and does my business need one?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Without it, anything you do in a corporate environment can be easily eavesdropped on by others on the internet. By adding a secure VPN for your business, you can secure thousands of devices through a single secure network at the same time. Every successful business utilizes a VPN as a way to prevent their sensitive information from being leaked.


How do VPN’s work?

Take an email as an example. A single email can be sent in a matter of seconds but the number of tiny routes it takes to cross the web and be delivered would shock you. The VPN protects every one of your activities completed on the world wide web and minimizes vulnerable attacks against your personal information and business practices. Corporate VPN services are simple to implement and helps keep your cloud and network a level of maximum privacy.


Difference Between a traditional VPN and a Corporate VPN

It all comes down to the level of security. By avoiding the replacement process of a traditional VPN with a corporate VPN, you’re putting a target on your back for the hackers who specifically attack companies with gaps in their security. Traditional VPNs have difficulty adapting to the constant changes of an enterprise, for example, additional device management and everchanging server modifications as your business operations grow.


Increase of Corporate VPN’s for Remote Workers

According to Statista, “VPN usage in the United States has surged during the coronavirus crisis, increasing 124 percent during the two weeks between March 8 and March 22, 2020.” The reason for this is simple. If your company’s employees are connecting to their personal in-home network, they are opening up the opportunity for hackers to take advantage of the fragility of these single household security networks. The increase in corporate VPN’s is suggested to continue to rise until things are completely back to normal where all remote employees return to the office. Don’t put your company or employee’s personal information at risk and talk to a SIMETRY expert today about our corporate security solutions such as our Access Point Names that take securing your corporate VPN one step further.


Take your security to a new level with SIMETRY APN’s

SIMETRY’s Access Point Names (APN’s) specifically prevent low-level malware, such as rootkits, and helps secure your VPN from anyone not permitted access. You get to specifically choose the IP addresses you want to have access to connect and no one else. This is a perfect option for those currently working from home on multiple devices including laptops, tablets and cell phones. Learn more about our security opportunities and speak to an expert about deploying your solution as soon as possible. 



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