Manage Your Business Continuity: You Need Backup Wireless Internet


There are many reasons for a delay in your connectivity. “In 2019, a study by the Business Continuity Institute stated that global results showed the top six high priority objectives were all related to crisis response”. Don’t be confused; Business Continuity Management is merely providing yourself with the backup wireless internet connectivity your operation needs to stay supported when connectivity waivers. The significant benefit of BCM is how it continues workflow and productivity with consistent internet.

Without Business Continuity Management, your operation will inevitably experience lulls in connectivity and, thus, a potential loss in productivity and revenue. An easy and foolproof solution is to backup your connection with a failover internet plan like the one SIMETRY provides. Once your BCM plan is up and running, you gain the confidence of less recovery time if something out of your control were to impact your connectivity.


  1. SIMETRY’s field services support team will conduct a site survey and to determine the potential customized plan for your business continuity management. 
  2. Once the equipment is installed, it is specially configured for your operation, to handle any possible outage of your connectivity. 
  3. Our support team is available to you continuously after the delivery and installation.


1.Reduces the expensive repercussions of a connectivity outage– However much you consider your operation to be worth in a day could be easily lost with poor or lost connectivity. If your business has a primary portion handled online, there is no reason you should not take precautions by securing a BCM solution.

2.Maintain strong business relationships/reputation– If you lose the ability to conduct business and connect with your clients or customers, you are putting the entire relationship at risk. A wireless backup will protect and reinforce your reputation and brand. 

3.Company Morale remains high– If work is unable to be completed as your deadlines approach quicker and quicker, your employees’ overall sentiment will likely be negatively affected. Help keep your employee’s attitudes positive with the peace of mind that Backup Connectivity brings.

For more information on SIMETRY’s failover connectivity services, call us today at 1-833-SIMETRY or fill out the contact form on 

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