IoT’s Role in Healthcare

No matter the application, IoT capabilities have enhanced the AI functionality of operations across the world. Everything from transportation services to the hospitality industryy has improved the ease of their customer’s experience while increasing the safety of the environments in which their customers and employees live and work, thanks to IoT developments.

To break down the simplest form of what IoT does, It’s important to remember that IoT can be considered the use of a single internet driven device or the connection between multiple devices to pass along data driven information in order to accomplish a task and make better data driven decisions. Think as simply as a worn glucose monitor on a diabetes patient. The individual’s glucose levels is transferred as data to alert the user when their levels fluctuate and to send said information along to their patient provider as patient data. What does the device need to continue to be useful to the patient? IoT Data.

Let’s expand on the concept of IoT in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s a franchised urgent care clinic or one of the largest medical centers in the country, every healthcare facility is using an unimaginable amount of IoT data to run its day-to-day operations. A few concepts requiring IoT-powered data include everything from IPADS to check-in patients, patient monitoring devices, Automated surgical utensils, and the data needed to manage operational and financial processes behind the scenes.

As technology continues to advance, the need for additional IoT data will increase. As previously mentioned in an article by BioSpace, The Global IoT in Healthcare Market size is forecast to grow from USD 60.83 Billion in 2019 to USD 260.75 Billion by 2027, delivering at a CAGR of 19.8% through 2027. 

The impact of covid19 has swiftly increased the total market size for IoT in healthcare at an even faster rate due to the number of new patients and at-home patient-centered care. IoT capabilities have given patients during the pandemic the opportunity to focus on their quality of care by connecting directly with physicians all over a device. Many healthcare facilities kept their in-office visits to a minimum, thus needing increased data usage to help maintain patient-physician face time over web applications like zoom and skype. With the help of IoT AI programs, medical staff could transmit patient information, data, financials etc., all over a simple internet connection.

Not sure how much IoT data your healthcare organization needs to start? That’s where SIMETRY comes in. We specialize in operational IoT data plans and can give you a clear idea of where you should start. Connect with us today through our chatbot down to the right. We’re standing by to help! 

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