Introducing SIMETRY IoT on Google Merchant Center

Simetry uses Google Merchant Center

The SIMETRY team has made remarkable strides as an IoT provider and business over the last year. In addition to updating our website and launching an E-Commerce platform directly to our consumers, we are excited to announce our participation with the Google Merchant Center!

What is the Google Merchant Center? 

Think of online shopping without redirect to another website. According to Saga Pixel “35% of product searches start on Google”. This means that 35 percent of the world’s direct-to-consumer goods online participate with Google already to get to the landing page they desire. The SIMETRY team aims to make life easier for customers in every facet, and this is just that.

How do I find your products on Google?

Search the IoT hardware product of your choice on google. If we have the exact model or brand in our inventory on our online store, you’ll see it populate to the right of the search engine page with other shopping ads. For an even better chance of finding the SIMETRY name, you trust attached, type in “SIMETRY” along with the product information. So for example if you were looking for example: “Peplink MAX BR1 MINI + SIMETRY”

As always, you can directly shop our products on, but we thought it was worth mentioning if you’re as avid of a Googler as we are. Try it and let us know if you find us. We carry cell boosters, antennas, routers, SIM cards and more from your favorite brands like WeBoost, SURECALL, Peplink and more.

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