Cellular Data Solutions for Industrial IoT


SIMETRY simplifies IIoT data, device management, services and support. Ensure essential devices maintain connectivity with tier-1 business data from a unified provider.

See how SIMETRY can improve M2M communication and IIoT operational efficiency.

Unify your IIoT Deployment


All under one roof

Unified Billing

One IoT data rate and bill that reflects total usage

Unified Platform

Manage SIMs and devices from one unified platform

Unified Support

Exceptional account support from one dedicated rep

SIMETRY’s wireless data solutions are ideal for M2M communication and industrial applications. Data rates reflect total usage among all carriers whether using LTE as primary connectivity or failover. Our services include provisioning, SD-WAN bonding, Private APN and additional cyber security options to keep your data flowing securely.

Speak with a dedicated account manager today and get started with your complete M2M data solution.

simetry iot smart sim card

Mobilize your IIoT Devices

Global connectivity for your Iiot Devices

Multi-Carrier SIMs for Industrial IoT

For static single-location use or mobile deployments around the world, SIMETRY offers global connectivity with one SIM card.

Our multi-carrier SIMs switch between carriers to find the strongest cellular signal, providing unbreakable connectivity.

Save Money, Time and Stress on your IIoT Deployment

Save on Your Cellular Data Usage

SIMETRY gives you better rates on IoT connectivity from major IoT data carriers like Verizon, AT&T, and iNet.

How do we do it? By leveraging huge amounts of data usage and relationships with the major carriers, we are able to provide the same reliable connectivity at a lower cost.

Expedite New Services

Talk with your dedicated account manager, no escalation needed.


Touchless SIM Activation

Transferring your existing IoT SIMs to SIMETRY is easy

With “zero touch transition” SIMETRY can migrate your currently active sim cards to SIMETRY without having to replace your sim cards in the field.

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