How Much Bandwidth Does My Business Need?


If you are doing your research on business internet, it’s essential to approach the purchase with knowledge under your belt. There are a lot of companies who will take advantage of your lack of understanding of internet services. Before we get into the nuts and bolts that will help you decide, take our internet site speed test. A speed test is a must if you’re going to gauge how much internet capability your business needs.


After checking your site speed– Consider testing on a few different days and times, particularly in alignment with the busy and slow traffic days that align with your google analytics. Once you can grasp how much bandwidth on average it takes will help you prep for the future and mitigate gaps in your operation’s network.


Acknowledge your company’s current state- Knowing your companies limitations and requirements is necessary when doing your research. It can be instrumental in not getting overcharged by your provider or ending up with less bandwidth than you need. According to Windstream’s data usage blog, “The average small business that downloads large content, uses file sharing, cloud- or web-based applications or programs and backup services will need at least 50 Mbps”. The more employees and data usage combined with the higher number of devices will increase your megabytes per second needed.


Don’t Forget– Evaluate the type of internet you’re currently using and decide if it’s the best avenue for you. Are you utilizing hard lined cable connectivity or Wifi? Is your operating system up to date or strong enough to support your operation’s daily functions? These are all questions you need answered before getting into a conversation with different vendors about plans and pricing.


Please don’t make this common mistake- Do not try to rely on residential internet packages to cover your entire company. Operational needs are not supported by the same basic residential internet packages you may have for your family at home. The difference between residential and industrial internet is something many companies, especially smaller companies, are likely to misunderstand. The amount of bandwidth it requires to run automated payroll versus the type of bandwidth it takes to stream a Netflix show from your couch is vastly different. Don’t set yourself back by trying to shave money off the top. It will only backfire down the road. 


If you’re looking for the right team to help you navigate this process with absolute transparency, reach out to one of our experts today.

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