Case Study: IoT services for live streaming video & events

Socal Motorized Bicycle Racing Association

Discover how SIMETRY’s specialized IoT solutions revolutionized event operations for the SoCal Motorized Bicycle Racing Association (SMBRA), enhancing livestreaming, attendee connectivity, and data network reliability.

Through our collaborative approach and commitment to customer satisfaction, SIMETRY has become the trusted partner of choice, empowering organizations to elevate their connectivity and improve operations.


Customer Case Study:
SoCal Motorized Bicycle Racing Association

Customer Overview:

The SoCal Motorized Bicycle Racing Association (SMBRA) is a dynamic organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating motorized bicycle racing events in Southern California. With a focus on innovation and high-quality event experiences, SMBRA sought cutting-edge solutions to enhance their live event streaming, attendee connectivity, and data network reliability.


SMBRA faced numerous challenges in ensuring seamless event operations, including the need for high-definition event livestreaming, on-site pop-up WiFi for attendees, and a robust data network to support an RFID lap timing system. These requirements were particularly demanding in remote locations across the California Desert, where standard consumer SIM cards and traditional connectivity solutions fell short.


Turning to SIMETRY, a leading provider of IoT data and services, SMBRA found the ideal partner to address their complex connectivity needs. By leveraging SIMETRY’s IoT SIM cards and expertise, SMBRA established a robust infrastructure supported by a 4G LTE backhaul connection. SIMETRY’s specialized SIM cards proved instrumental in achieving reliable connectivity in remote areas, surpassing the performance of standard consumer SIM cards.


The implementation of SIMETRY’s solutions yielded significant improvements across SMBRA’s operations:

  1. Enhanced Livestreaming: SMBRA experienced a remarkable boost in livestreaming capabilities, with upload speeds reaching 28-30 Mbps using a single SIMETRY IoT SIM card. This enabled seamless high-definition livestreaming, enhancing the viewing experience for remote audiences.
  2. Improved Connectivity: The deployment of SIMETRY’s IoT SIM cards provided SMBRA with a reliable and resilient data network, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for event attendees and supporting the RFID lap timing system.
  3. Exceptional Customer Service: SMBRA praised SIMETRY for its unparalleled customer service, with Account Representative Victoria Ortega consistently exceeding expectations. SIMETRY’s proactive problem-solving approach and unwavering support contributed to a seamless partnership experience.
  4. Scalability and Efficiency: With SIMETRY’s solutions, SMBRA gained scalability and efficiency in their connectivity infrastructure. The flexibility of SIMETRY’s SIM cards enabled SMBRA to explore advanced livestreaming capabilities, including 4K streaming, with minimal additional resources.


In summary, SIMETRY emerged as the ideal partner for SMBRA, delivering innovative IoT solutions, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled performance in livestreaming and connectivity. With SIMETRY’s support, SMBRA elevated the quality of their events and established a reliable foundation for future growth. SIMETRY remains the best-kept secret in 4G/5G livestreaming, empowering organizations like SMBRA to redefine the possibilities of connectivity in event management.

The SoCal Motorized Bicycle Racing Association (SMBRA)


“Finding Simetry has been a MASSIVE “Win”.

I can honestly say that Simetry has provided me and my team with the best customer service I have ever experienced. My Account Rep. Victoria Ortega has never failed to deliver on a commitment. She has gone above and beyond what I ever expected in multiple instances.

I have come to Simetry with problems I should have already solved and they have “come to the rescue” with a supportive attitude and a problem solving mindset.

On top of the standard setting Customer Service performance delivered by Simetry, the quality of the connection we have achieved using Simetry IoT SIM cards is literally an order of magnitude better than standard consumer SIM cards from the same carriers.

Simetry = the best kept secret in 4G/5G Livestreaming.”

Sean D.


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